Ideal Christmas Presents for Loved Ones No.4

The All New Golden Reliever from Coolball Inc.

The New Golden Reliever Wasp Stung Look

The New Golden Reliever Wasp Stung Look

Anxious, nervous, need a pet to stop the heart disease, but your apartment is too small or your bitch of a landlord won’t let you have pets? Well, we have developed a stuffed animal which walks, talks and barks like a real Golden Retriever.

The Golden Reliever is stuffed with 100% Golden Retriever hair and has buttons underneath his belly, which you can push to make him bark, say “I want food, woof” (very cute), fart (doggy fart gladdens the heart) and a new device which when pushed releases water into the stuffing to create the age old dog-lover favourite, wet dog smell.

Go on, it’s Christmas! Give it to someone with a BITCH for a landlord.

Also available, Golden Reliever Hypoallergenic. Stuffed with real Labradoodle hair.

Labradoodle Hypoallergenic unavailable due to lack of interest.



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